The Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS) maintains a long history of making paradigm-shifting discoveries and contributions. Our faculty members, deeply engaged in extending their discoveries so that they may eventually be translated into therapies, frequently collaborate with fellow academics, government agencies and the companies that commercialize innovations. While these relationships have great potential for innovation and success and are consistent with the HMS mission, it is important that potential conflicts are identified. The Office for Academic & Research Integrity (ARI) works with members of the Faculty of Medicine who collaborate with industry to ensure that any actual or perceived conflicts of interest are identified, eliminated or managed as appropriate.

ARI provides staff support to the Faculty of Medicine Standing Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment and is available to advise faculty on questions or concerns related to compliance with the policy on conflicts of interest and commitment. This policy outlines unacceptable practices and guides the faculty of medicine in identifying and disclosing certain relationships with outside entities.

ARI works closely with its institutional partners including the Office for Technology Development, Sponsored Programs Administration, and the Office for Sponsored Programs as well as with our counterparts at the Medical School’s 16 clinical affiliates and research institutes.