Outside Activities (Conflict of Interest)

ARI implements and advises members of the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment.ARI also supports the Standing Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment. The Standing Committee is currently reviewing the COI Policy. Although the review is ongoing, in November 2015, the Standing Committee recommended changes to the Research Support Rule (The "I(b)" Rule) which were accepted by Dean Flier and the Policy was updated accordingly. Please refer to the COI Policy for the most up to language.   In addition, ARI manages the annual faculty outside activity reporting process for all HMS and HSDM faculty. A faculty member may link to his/her report at any time to update, revise or submit additional disclosures. HMS currently relies on the annual collection processes of its affiliate hospitals and institutes to meet the annual reporting requirement. As such, all outside activities should be reported through the process established by a faculty member’s primary institution. If you are a faculty member primarily based at an affiliate institution, please refer to your local institution's requirements and instructions in completing this outside activities report. If you are located on the HMS quad, HSDM or the VA, please report at esupport.hms.harvard.edu/OAR. If you do not know where to report, please contact ARI at outside_activities@hms.harvard.edu. If you have questions or concerns about conflicts of interest, also known as outside activities, please contact us at outside_activities@hms.harvard.edu. Should you have a concern to report, you may email us or call the anonymous reporting line at 877-694-2275. We take all allegations of non-compliance seriously.

Research Compliance

ARI provides independent oversight of Harvard Medical School's research programs, activities and processes to facilitate compliance.
ARI is dedicated to advancing a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies which govern institutions of higher education, as well as University and HMS policies. ARI coordinates and monitors awareness programs, guidance on best practices and responses to allegations of non-compliance. Our commitment to compliance includes the development of general and specific training, policies and appropriate oversight and monitoring to assist members of Harvard Medical School’s community in conducting research activities based upon the highest standards of integrity and excellence through teamwork and professionalism.

Academic Integrity

ARI also takes the administrative lead in responding to any allegation of research misconduct involving an HMS or HSDM faculty member or trainee. In this role, ARI staffs and provides support to the Standing Committee on Faculty Conduct. In accordance with the HMS Principles and Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Faculty Misconduct, ARI also convenes and provides support to faculty panels appointed to review allegations of research misconduct.  ARI also disseminates guidelines for research integrity.

Professional Integrity

ARI is committed to serving the HMS/HSDM community in promoting best practices and standards of professional conduct and supporting grievance processes in accordance with established professional integrity policies, including the Abusive and/or Intimidating Behavior Policy, the Anti-Discrimination Policy, and the Unprofessional Relationships and Abuse of Authority Policy. ARI also investigates concerns raised by sponsors or others related to fostering a safe and healthy research environment and collaborates with partner offices to facilitate reporting, as required. In addition to serving as a resource to our community for consultation and questions related to professional integrity, ARI provides administrative support to the Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities in fulfilling its charge, as detailed below. ARI is available to provide tailored education and resources related to professional conduct and associated processes to groups upon request.