ARI is committed to serving the Harvard Medical School (HMS) by promoting institutional values and standards of professional integrity.  The professional integrity team helps individuals access resources and supports informal resolution and formal complaint processes in accordance with the Harvard University Non-Discrimination Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy (NDAB Policies), the HMS/HSDM Abusive and/or Intimidating Behavior Policy, the HMS/HSDM Anti-Discrimination Policy, and the HMS/HSDM Unprofessional Relationships and Abuse of Authority Policy.  Additional information related to the University’s new NDAB Policies can be found at the Office for Community Conduct website

In addition, ARI serves as a resource to help HMS community members make informed decisions about options available under the Harvard University Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and the Interim Other Sexual Misconduct Policyand navigate available supports. When concerns are raised by sponsors, including the NIH, regarding harassment, bullying, retaliation or hostile working conditions, the professional integrity team reviews the concerns raised and collaborates with partner offices to facilitate any required reporting or response to such sponsors. 

In addition to serving as a resource to the HMS community for consultation and questions related to professional integrity, ARI provides administrative support to the Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities in fulfilling its charge. We are available to provide tailored education and resources related to professional integrity and associated policies and procedures to groups upon invitation. To discuss your training needs, please contact Keri Godin, Director for Professional Integrity.

Consultation when concerns arise

ARI encourages community members to contact us to discuss conduct that may implicate the professional integrity policies we support. We are available to help community members navigate supportive resources, discuss informal ways of addressing concerns, and to assist individuals with navigating informal resolution procedures and formal complaint processes.  Community members may also contact the Harvard Ombuds Office, a confidential resource available to anyone from the Harvard community, including faculty, trainees, staff, students and those with a Harvard appointment at an affiliate institution, to discuss concerns, clarify goals and consider options and next steps. Finally, the Office for Community Conduct is available to provide support, information, or advice regarding concerns related to the Harvard University Non-Discrimination Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy.

Specific points of contact

Local Designated Resources for questions, concerns and support related to the Harvard University Non-Discrimination Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy are listed below and include the population(s) they support.  These individuals work together to ensure that your concerns reach the person best-positioned to handle your concern, dependent on the population each supports. Those individuals listed below who also served as Title IX Resource Coordinators for questions, concerns and support related to the Harvard University Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and the Interim Other Sexual Misconduct Policyare denoted with an asterisk.

For HMS and its affiliates

  • Keri Godin, Director for Professional Integrity* (Jurisdiction: faculty)
  • Kristin Bittinger,Dean for Faculty and Research Integrity (Jurisdiction: faculty)
  • Jose Martinez, Director of HR Compliance and Professional Conduct* (Jurisdiction: staff, students, postdoctoral fellows)
  • Mark Addison, Title IX Resource Coordinator and Program Officer* (Jurisdiction: students)


  • Susan Moore, Director of Human Resources* (Jurisdiction: staff)
  • Carrie Sylven, Director of Student Affairs* (Jurisdiction: students)
  • Brittany Seymour, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (Jurisdiction: faculty)

For questions or consultation related to any of our professional integrity policies and processes or to request education or resources, please contact the Director for Professional Integrity, Keri Godin, at, or contact the Program Manager for Professional Integrity, Latrice Hight, at