Harvard University is committed to upholding its core mission and values, including the assurance of personal and institutional academic integrity.  Among these assurances is the need to identify and appropriately manage potential financial conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment. As such, it is important for faculty to disclose all significant financial interests and external professional commitments in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment and the HMS/HSDM Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research.

Under these policies, faculty are required to disclose external professional activities and financial interests that are related to their institutional responsibilities to Harvard.  External professional activities are those with entities outside of Harvard or one of its affiliate institutions.  You should report any relationship that relies upon the experiences and professional expertise that serve as the basis for your faculty appointment.

You can access the online Outside Activities and Interests Reporting portal by clicking on: https://oair.harvard.edu/.  You can return to the link at any time to update your reports or submit additional reports.

The Reporting Basics

  • HMS has a zero dollar reporting threshold. This means that you must report ALL relevant outside activities, including those for which you do not receive compensation.
  • You must include relevant interests held by your partner/spouse and your dependent children.
  • Not Just Conflicts. The reporting requirement is independent of whether your financial interests represent potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest.
  • Entity Reporting. You are required to report each entity with which you have an outside relationship and/or a financial interest.
  • You must report relationships with and financial interests in pharmaceutical, device, biotechnology, and medical education and communication companies.

Please see OAIR What to Include  for additional details on what to report.