Cindi Hirst

Cindi-Ann Hirst

Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Cindi is the Conflict of Interest Coordinator and is the first point of contact in the office for questions and advises faculty on a majority of inquiries.  Cindi is primarily responsible for reviewing annual financial reports of faculty members and assisting in monitoring policy compliance.   She oversees the intake and initial review process for the Office of Academic and Research Integrity as required by the 2012 COI PHS regulations.  She is responsible for coordinating directly with Sponsored Programs Administration, faculty members and researchers regarding reporting and training obligations and assisting administrative and academic groups directly with the requirements.  She also provides support to the Standing Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, and administrative support to the Assistant Director for Outside Activities.  Cindi has been with Harvard Medical School since 2011.  Prior to joining the Office of Academic and Research Integrity Team, she worked as a legal assistant at law firms in Boston, Orlando and Toronto.  She is also a graduate of the Research Excellence in Administration Certificate at Harvard (REACH) Program.