When allegations of violations of the Abusive and/or Intimidating Behavior Policy, the Anti-Discrimination Policy, and/or the Unprofessional Relationship and Abuse of Authority Policy are brought against any person with an academic appointment in the Harvard Faculty of Medicine (HMS/HSDM faculty), the Faculty Grievance Procedures will apply. Please visit the Faculty Grievance Procedures for detailed information about general principles, jurisdiction, requests for information and advice, requests for informal resolution, procedures for formal complaints, and penalties and corrective actions.

Consultation & Filing complaints

The Ombuds Office, Chief Human Resources Officer, Director of Human Resources at HSDM, Dean for Faculty and Research Integrity, Director for Professional Integrity, Dean for Faculty Affairs, HMS Dean for Students, HSDM Vice Dean, Associate Dean for Dental Education and Dean for Basic Science and Graduate Education are equipped to advise those considering bringing a complaint as to avenues of redress. Individuals may make a request for informal resolution to any of the aforementioned receiving officials, who will then discuss the request with the Chair of the Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities to determine of informal resolution is appropriate. Any formal complaint must be initiated via a full written and signed statement of the complaint submitted to the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Dean for Faculty Affairs, the Dean for Faculty and Research Integrity or their designees.

The Ombuds Office is an informal, impartial, confidential and independent resource for faculty, staff, and trainees to discuss concerns. The Ombuds Office also offers voluntary informal mediation. While ARI will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible when contacted for consultation, ARI staff are mandatory reporters for Title IX and may also need to take action if the concern objectively creates an unsafe or unhealthy working environment.


Conduct at an Affiliated Institution or other Harvard School

When the subject of a complaint is not employed by HMS/HSDM and is instead employed by or associated with an HMS/HSDM affiliated institution or another Harvard School and the alleged conduct occurred outside HMS/HSDM, then ARI will refer the matter to the relevant affiliated institution or Harvard School for investigation.

If, however, the subject’s alleged conduct either took place at HMS/HSDM or the conduct could create a hostile environment at HMS/HSDM, then ARI may facilitate a joint proceeding with the affiliated institution or other Harvard School or may otherwise address the matter (in whole or in part) under the Faculty Grievance Procedures. The Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities is charged with implementation of the Faculty Grievance Procedures with administrative support from ARI.