GMAS International Activities and Collaborations Questions

In July 2020, Harvard University will launch questions related to project specific international activities and collaborations within the Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS)

International activities and collaborations questions are designed to support faculty in recognizing and reporting international activities, as required by sponsors, and to facilitate compliance reviews related to project specific international activities and collaborations.  PIs are expected to answer all questions completely and accurately, to the best of their knowledge, regarding any international activities and collaborations that will take place in support of specific sponsored project aims.  The information provided will be reviewed by your School’s sponsored award office and may be discussed further with you or additionally subject to review by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. Investigators are expected to submit complete and accurate answers to these questions.

The questions about international activities and collaborations will initially be completed at the time of proposal and will be reviewed and updated during the life of an award. 


Questions list/check list for GMAS entry

Harvard OSP International Project Guidance