Transparency Regarding Research Collaborations and Support and Protecting HMS Research from Influence

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The mission of Harvard Medical School is to nurture a diverse, inclusive community dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving health and well-being for all through excellence in teaching and learning, discovery and scholarship, and service and leadership. Harvard Medical School supports open collaboration in all educational and research endeavors and recognizes that international and domestic partnerships are critical to achieving our mission.  It is expected that all members of our community will act with integrity as stewards of research funds, be forthright and honest about collaborative relationships, protect all research materials and unpublished, proprietary and protected data consistent with university policy and respect the responsibilities and confidentiality of Peer Review.

For further information about the values that guide our community, please review the HMS Community Values Statement.

Influence on research is any attempt by an entity or person to threaten the integrity, security, or intellectual and economic value of US-funded research. The United States Government, Federal Security Agencies, and Federal Funding Agencies have raised concerns regarding undue influence and interference on federal research investments and have taken steps to increase oversight, accountability and awareness.  These agencies have emphasized that the responsibility for protecting US research from influence belongs to individual researchers with support from their institutions.

There are four major areas of focus: where influence on research may be considered: Disclosures, Protecting Intellectual Property (IP), Export Controls and Screening, and Peer Review Confidentiality. As such, this website has been developed to provide the Harvard Medical School research community with guidance, resources and contact information within the following areas:  

High-Risk Activities
Protecting Intellectual Property, Data and Research Materials
Export Controls, Restricted Party Screening
Peer Review Confidentiality
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* In the news and media, you will hear the issues discussed here-in referred to collectively as "Foreign Influence". HMS believes that the concerns about disclosure, protection of IP, integrity, safety and transparency apply to all collaborations and interactions, both domestic and foreign, and therefore do not limit our obligations to only foreign interactions.